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How it started...

Shelbi and Ela first met in 2019 at a local coffee shop on Ottawa St. in Hamilton ON. They were both running their own individual businesses at the time and recognized that they were working towards a common goal: to build a better motherhood experience for moms. They collaborated on various projects throughout the following year and in November of 2020 they became business partners and formed mamaraderie. 


Through multiple conversations with other moms, Shelbi and Ela realized that feeling isolated in motherhood was incredibly common. And even with social media being so popular, moms still had a hard time finding mom friends. Moms wanted to find friends who shared common interests and lived close by, but social media didn’t give you the option of browsing mom friends on a map. But mamaraderie does!


Mamaraderie allows you to find mom friends by browsing a map and viewing profiles so you can connect with moms that align with who you are! You also get access to a Slack group chat, which connects you to the mamaraderie community at your fingertips. Plus, mamaraderie members receive discounts on products and services that can help make mom-life easier.


Ready to start making mom friends, growing your community and getting epic perks? We can't wait to meet you!

Motherhood is better when you share your experiences with friends.

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