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Halloween Hunt

Halloween is just around the corner! Try this Halloween Hunt as a fun activity for your kids at home! A treasure hunt leading to a bag of goodies (toys, books, treats – anything you want!) – what more could a kid want this Halloween?

Here are 10 Spooky Clues we’ve put together. (If you think the clues will be TOO spooky for the little ones, you can always adjust!)

Clue #1: Bones are scattered all over this space. Ghostly shadows bring fear to your face. Find your first clue where the grave stones are placed. (Place clue in fake graveyard)

Clue #2: The full moon is shining as the wolves howl at night. Find your next clue where the vampires hide. (Tip: make mini coffin out of cardboard and place clue inside.)

Clue #3: In this place, dark creatures loom. You may even see a witch on her broom. Look under a tree lit up by the moon. (Place clue beside a tree in your front or backyard)

Clue #4: Roses are red. Our flowers are dead. Find your next clue where everyone’s fed. (Place clue on dining room table, add vase with dead flowers if possible!)

Clue #5: It’s dark outside but don’t be afraid. Find your next clue where the pumpkins are displayed. (Place clue under a pumpkin)

Clue #6: Spiderwebs are spread all over your bed. You’ll find your next clue where you lay your head. (Spread spiderwebs over bed and place clue under pillow)

Clue #7: Try not to scream when you enter this room. Where does your mom keep her perfume? (Place clue in bathroom. Hang ghost from shower curtain rod for extra effect!)

Clue #8: Witches chuckle as they cast their spells. Who’s that ringing your front door bell? (Dress up as a witch and deliver the clue at your front door. If you don’t have a doorbell, you can get a Halloween doorbell at a party store.)

Clue #9: This Halloween is different but don’t be upset, these tricks and treats are ones you’ll never forget. Find your next clue where your clothes are kept. (Place clue in closet…place a scary monster in the closet for extra effect!)

Clue #10: Your last clue is finally here. We hope this hunt brought you some Halloween cheer. Find your surprise where scary movies appear! (Place Boo Bag in family room with a Halloween movie playing on the TV.)

Happy H(a)unting!

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