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How to create a network of amazing mom friends!

A few years ago, I learned a really valuable life lesson that I would like to pass on to you. I had a mom friend who had an amazing network of friends. She had mom friends to vent with about her struggles, mom friends who were in-the-know about the latest baby items, and mom friends to hang out with at any time. I was always in awe of her ability to connect with other moms so easily.

One day while we were chatting, she told me that she makes it her goal to create one meaningful friendship every year. Then she took me through her process – what she looks for in a friend, where she finds them, and how she creates opportunities for them to get to know each other throughout the year.

This blew my mind! I finally realized that in order to create my own network of amazing mom friends, all I had to do was be intentional about it.

And then…the pandemic happened.

I thought my hopes of finding new mom friends were over, until I got a call from a fellow mom entrepreneur in my community. She asked if I would be interested in collaborating on a platform that connected moms for friendship locally. Needless to say, I jumped at the idea! And together we created mamamraderie.

mamaraderie took away all the awkwardness and barriers I had with making new mom friends. It provided a safe space where moms connected for the sole purpose of finding new friends. Reaching out to moms online was a lot easier than approaching them in person. Best of all, the profiles also allowed me to find moms who had similar interests and lived in close proximity.

In the last 8 months since our launch, hundreds of moms have already connected through the mamaraderie platform and many have also met in person. Our amazing group of momrades have planned outings and weekly meet-ups, creating lots of fun memories together. And the support they provide one another in our group chat is incredible. They are the hype women I always knew existed but didn’t know how to find…until now.

It’s never too late for you to start building your group of supportive mom friends, and the best way to create those meaningful friendships is by being intentional about it. mamaraderie makes it easy for you to find and connect with mom friends who share common interests and live close to you. Your mom friends are waiting! Start connecting.

Ela Wojciechowska Co-founder mamaraderie

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