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5 Fun outdoor ideas to socialize with New Friends

For those of us with a pre-covid mat-leave under our belt, we remember the old-school way of making mom-friends: Mother Goose, the park, starring at a mom through a rack of clothes at Walmart until she made eye contact with your messy bun….

Honestly, it was harder then.

There were so many uncertainties – so much you didn’t know. Is that mom even looking for friends? That’s where we like to think we come in (shameless plug). Mamaradarie was designed to take the guesswork out of friendship making. We created a platform for moms to find other moms. And not just to find moms but to find people like them, because when the kids (finally) go to bed, we’re still Sally, and Tessa, and Jenn.

Mamaradarie is here for you to find friends and foster relationships, and want to help inspire you to pursue new friendships in fun ways! Here are five ways to kick-off a friendship (socially distant) in your own backyard:

Outdoor Movie Night (or Smores) Thanks to the pandemic, many of us have looked for unique ways to upgrade our backyards. From cozy furniture to lighting and even outdoor entertainment, there are fun (and even affordable) ways to have a cozy backyard hang out with friends.

Take something as simple and inexpensive as City Bonfires – a mini portable bonfire perfect for making smores. Or, you can pop some popcorn, sit under the stars, and have some good conversation. Warm tea, cold beverages – they all have their place and time.

And if you have the means, a projector and white sheet (or projector screen) can turn any backyard into a movie lover’s dream. Put out a few lawn chairs, cozy throws, maybe a candy bar – and let the fun begin!

White Clothing Party You may have noticed a trend over the last little while – society is OBSESSED with the colour white. You can see it in décor (white kitchens are still huge), art, and photography. Of course, this trickles down to entertaining and style. Most white parties have a summer or outdoors theme to them. Think pool parties and garden parties. Dress up in all white, hang out with some new friends, and obviously, photos are a must!

Pancake Breakfast Food brings people together. And when you’re awake at the crack of dawn with your littles, there’s nothing better than eating food with others who are doing the same. Find a friend who is willing to host and arrange a little breakfast potluck. The host can be responsible for the pancakes, while others can bring things like jam, fresh fruits, freshly squeezed orange juice – or our personal favourite – mimosa.

Water Fun There is really no better way to keep your kids occupied than with water – whether it’s in a bucket, a sprinkler, a pool, a water balloon, or a puddle in the grass, if it’s wet you can guarantee your kids will get wild. While your kids are jumping and spraying and splashing, you can pull up a few lawn chairs and chat with your new friends. Maybe keep an umbrella handy, because you never know when the kids will turn the hose on you.

The Book Club That’s Not Really a Book Club I think we’ve all joined a book club before with one intention and one intention only – to eat food and chat with other women about something other than our kid. But what ends up happening? You don’t have time to read the book because #kids, so you go to book club and what do you do? You end up talking about your kids. And that’s okay – because sometimes, a mama just needs an excuse to get out of the house and just chat about life. Because no one gets this life like other moms – and that’s why we need…mom-friends.

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Written by: Anneliese Lawton

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